Thread Carrier Tray

Thread Carrier Tray

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Part Number:Thread Carrier Tray
  • Includes Carry Case Mini & (1) Thread Carrier Tray
  • Additional Tray and Pins Available
  • Available in: Sabrina, Butterfly and Ebony
  • Makes A Great Gift!

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Additional 'Pins' (*optional) help
12 'Pins' [+$7.00]
The Bluefig Thread Carrier Tray:
Take your favorite thread with you when you go, with up to *24 spools of your favorite spools ready to go when you are.

*Additional 'Pins' needed to hold up to 24 spools of thread.

Thread Carrier Tray comes with (12) 'Pins' to hold up to 12 of your favorite spools of thread.
Additional 'Pins' can be added to hold up to 24 spools on a single Thread Carrier Tray.

The Thread Carrier Tray is made to fit inside the Bluefig Carry Case Mini.


Thread Carrier Combo - Butterfly
$59.00  $49.00
Thread Carrier Combo - Ebony
$59.00  $40.00
Thread Carrier Combo- Sabrina